Flirtology – Stop Swiping, Start Talking and Find Love Course

New Flirtology Course

Stop Swiping, Start Talking and Find Love

In conjunction with my new book –Flirtology: Stop Swiping, Start Talking and Find Love, I am offering a short course.

I believe that the best way to find whatever you are looking for: love, friends, jobs, new contacts, is to be out there in the field. I can’t help it. I am a social anthropologist; ‘The Field’ is where it’s all happening!

I have spent 15+ years researching and assisting people in the area of flirting and finding great partners.  I have learned many things and I know exactly where people are going wrong on in their search for love. I would love to share this information with you.

This short course, live in London, will consist of both practical and theoretical aspects; you will first learn how to flirt and then, in a fun, supportive atmosphere, with other cool and like-minded people, you can practice doing it.

Your Plan for Success

THE THEORY PART – It’s all about the action but, just before that, let’s first take a look at the foundation. Let’s create a solid plan for you going forward, one made with consciousness and a bit of guidance and experience from a social anthropologist. We will first get you anchored into what matters here…you. The theory component is two-fold

♥ A workshop at Jean’s place in Marylebone, Central London: 13th October, 1-5:30pm:

*Drinks and afternoon snacks provided. Perhaps Jean will have a chance to practice her healthy baking!

Part one is an afternoon workshop. I have identified three areas which are holding people back from finding happiness.

  • Your unhelpful thoughts – They aren’t necessarily true, but they are certainly persistent. So much so, that they dictate your every move. Or, rather, your lack thereof. First recognising these unhelpful thought patterns, and then changing them, is the secret to unlocking your flirting (and life!) freedom. Flirtology talk topicsPerhaps, without even realising it, you are walking around thinking, ‘It’s hard putting myself out there’ or ‘If I talk to people, I am opening myself up for rejection’. How does this affect your behaviour? Does it make you want to go out and meet lots of new people? More importantly, how does this affect your outcomes? Are you meeting lots of people and flirting the night away? Probably not. Instead of continuing on in this tiring loop, let me show you another way.*It’s helpful if you read the Flirtology book for a furthur explanation on changing unhelpful thought patterns. Although, all will be explained in the workshop
  • You’re not specific about partner criteria – Your 5 deal-breakers might be one of the most important aspects in your partner search. It’s not a list of 25 ‘nice to haves’ – we are looking for fellow humans – humans are not perfect. Deal Breakers are 5 things that are important to you for a successful long-term partnership. They also help you stay on track and not be distracted by people who ‘seem nice, I should give them a try’ or people who are hot, but completely wrong for you. Knowing your deal-breakers also makes it easy to say ‘no thanks’ to people whom you might have previously felt obligated to go out with. The deal breakers clarify all that. If the person doesn’t potentially meet your deal-breakers…you move on. Wheee! This means that instead of going out with someone because they are a warm body and you want to feel like you’re Out There Trying, you now both have extra nights for Netflix and a bubble bath!
  • You’ve outsourced your dating life to your iphone and/or you’re so busy working that you’re not doing anything interesting in your free time – During this workshop, we take a look at your life. We find holes, we find assets, and we make a plan of action for where you need to be in order to open yourself to new opportunities. Anyone who is sick of the online/app game and is ready to reclaim their time and love lives, this section is a great strategic move.

Jean gives dating advice

♥ Unlimited access to all of the online Flirtology Courses (£200 value)

Part two of the theory section is the gentle, constant reinforcement from my online courses. The topics include:

-How to Attract, Approach and Allure

-7 Steps to a date

-How to Talk to Strangers in 21 Days

-How to Speak to Strangers at Events

They will help remind, reinforce and reward. When it comes to changing your current situation the key is to replace old, unhelpful patterns, with new, fresh ones – both in your behaviour and your thoughts. You can dive in as much or as little as you want. Obviously, the more you put in, the more you get out. Feel free to buy an online course separately, if you won’t be able to join our live course this time.

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♥ Wingperson night out

Once we have the theory and the framework for our plan, we then practice putting it into action! With the support of your teammates, we will hit Jean's favourite bar in the city for some practice flirting. You will learn:

-Where to stand for the optimum impact

-How to read approachable body language

-What to say

-The most natural places to begin conversations

-All the tips and tricks to optimise for successful interactions

♥ An Invitation to Join an Upcoming Fearless Flirting Tour

What you need is practice out in the field flirting, so that is what you will get! Supermarkets, galleries, bookstores, look out. Please see Jean to book an upcoming tour date.

Like most Flirtology events, there will probably be an even gender split of attendees. Isn't everything better when it's balanced? And, this course is open to everyone, of any age. The world needs more people to flirt with them and those people are you all. There are only 9 spaces available to ensure individual attention (and that is all my kitchen table can fit). The last two workshops have sold out quickly. If you cannot make one of the dates, but are still interested in attending the course, please contact me. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

Quick Diary Date Check:

      1. 13th October 1-5:30pm workshop
      2. 17th October 6-8:30pm Wing person night *You don't have to arrive exactly at 6pm. It’s fine to come after work. If you can't make this date, contact Jean for other possible wing person date opportunities.
      3. Flirting tour dates will vary
      4. Online Course - Instant access
    • Total price £329 (can be paid over 2 or 3 monthly installments).

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