Fearless Flirting Group Lesson

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Fearless Flirting Group Lesson

Admit it. At the advent of online dating, and then dating apps, you thought you’d found the holy grail; a way to access thousands of people and not have to really put yourself Out There. What could be better? And, it was fun…for a while. But now you are older (but certainly don’t look it!) and wiser and you see that this whole digital dating thing is not what it says on the tin. While you might feel, ‘Well, at least I am being proactive’, it’s not actually getting you anywhere. Is it? In fact, my guess is that the process is probably making you feel quite down about it all.


People learning how to flirt with strangers on a group flirting tourWhat if I told you that finding love needn’t be a part-time job, a processional of interviews, or even hard work. That’s right. Let me show you how to be efficient in your partner search, while still enjoying life. No more siphoning off dating into the hours of 7-9pm while you sit in front of your computer. Don’t you do enough of that all day? Better yet, you and your friends tossing your phone around, using your personal journey to love as a source of group entertainment. If you are looking at others as objects to be gawked at and swiped at, do you think others might be doing the same to you? Let’s take this back to the real world – humans connecting with each other- face to face. We’re going to reinvigorate the old-fashioned style of flirting. But, this time, there are a couple modern twists.

Jean teaches people how to flirt on her group flirting lesson

  • Anyone, of any gender, can approach, ask out and be assertive. Choice is a privilege and we should all have it. I have always wondered why, in our heterosexual flirting world, this has been attached to gender. Wouldn’t it make more sense to assign this role to personality types? Like, extroverts approach introverts? Or, why not assign this role to the person who is having a good day and in a good mood? These assignments of duties make much more sense. The first modern twist in flirting is that, unless you’re living in a cave, this construct of ‘men as hunter’ is not real. This role is not ‘hard-wired’ into the male brain. It’s a false narrative that has been passed down without any examination into its truth. Women, go for it. Men, you are very welcome.
  • The other twist is that you will have an invisi-shield against rejection. One of the reasons you might have turned to your phone to flirt is that you think your mighty screen will protect you from rejection. You might think that rejection in real life would be much more painful. Not true once Flirtology has shown you how to create a rejection-proof vest. I have some tricks and tips that I am dying to share with you. You will soon be like, ‘Rejection? What’s that? Doesn’t bother me’. I can’t wait to show you how.

Sound good? I hope so. This flirting group lesson is the first step in unlocking a world of freedom – one where you can do what you want, say what you want, and talk to anyone with ease. No more pesky mind chatter getting in the way. Come along and join a like-minded group of other people as we go around Central London, learning how to approach and talk to people with ease. If the idea of this terrifies you – than this is meant for you! What are you waiting for? Let’s make this change happen. Join me on a night out with my Fearless Flirting Tours of London. I will teach you how to approach and flirt without fear by arming you with top flirting tips and dating techniques. Have fun while practicing flirting!

jean teaches a group flirting lesson on her fearless flirting toursOn a two-hour group tour of London’s little-known flirting grounds – galleries, bookshops and supermarkets – you’ll soak up my flirting tips and then road-test them on passers-by under my watchful eye. Flirting needn’t be stressful; it’s only supposed to be fun! You will learn simple, basic steps, that build on each other. The results? Just you, turning into a flirting machine.

By the end of the night you will have a whole new skill set and be able to clearly recognise flirting signals, know how to start a conversation with a stranger, and how to view rejection as a super-efficient partner finding tool. On your way home, see if you can’t catch the eye of that attractive man on the opposite train platform – This happened to a recent attendee and the object of her desire purposely missed his train to come to her side of the platform and ask for her number. Yes, dates ensued.

The Fearless Flirting tours are for all genders, all ages, and for anyone who wants to be a more confident flirt. Tours begin at 6:45pm and cost £45

Flirting tours begin at The Crypt, Underneath St Martin in the Fields

Click on the ‘book now’ button to select your preferred date and to book your place. We also provide private flirting tours for small groups. These can be done on weekends, evenings, or weekdays. Please contact us to schedule.

*Please book early to avoid disappointment. Tour group numbers are limited and always sell out.


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