Let’s set the scene. You are at a party, and you see someone you like. Instantly, having identified that you ‘like’ them, you start feeling pressure. If your mind hasn’t already started doing a number on you, convincing you what this stranger will do and say if you begin speaking to them, the instant pressure that comes from now ‘liking’ someone, will certainly grind any potential action to a halt. But, let me convince you that you are throwing down the gauntlet, and putting yourself under pressure, waaay too early in the game.

I have spoken before about the dangers of labeling. Once you label it, so it becomes and, therefore, is forever stuck in a tiny, rigid box. Furthermore, how can you decide you like someone, a stranger no less, in one glance? Isn’t this a bit too soon in the game to slap on a label of ‘like’?

This is what I’d like you to do instead: remove any label/thoughts/preconceived notion about said individuals until after you have asked them a question. That’s it. Just one, tiny question. Once you have actually had an interaction, however brief, you are in a much better position to start deciding whether this stranger is ‘like-worthy’.

In the meantime, I am assigning you all the task to reserve labeling whether you fancy someone or not, until after you’ve asked them a question. Then, you can label all you like!

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