The first date. If you forget the purpose of a first date, it will be filled with anxiety and tension. Please do not forget, but this is what a first date is for 1) Having fun and 2) Seeing if you might want to spend more time with this person in the future.

Here are the top 5 tips on what you should not do on a first date.

  1. Immediately judge the other person on what s/he is wearing. This is part of the outer package and can easily be changed at a later date. It’s not a good reason for writing someone off. Someone can change their shoes. They can’t change if they are a kind person.
  2.  Talk too much about yourself. This doesn’t mean that the other person should be the one doing all the talking. Everyone wants to feel special, unique and understood. Can this happen if you are doing all of the talking? A general rule is 3 questions and then switch. If you have asked, or answered, three questions, then it’s time to say, ‘Well, what about you?’.
  3. Talk about an ex, ask about an ex, or ask any questions about why the other person is single. It’s a first date for god’s sake. These things are irrelevant!
  4. Expect the man to pay. It’s 2018 and women are almost making as much money as men.  (Don’t get me started on that…)Why would a stranger be obligated to pay for you, simply due to biology? If he insists, be incredibly gracious and make sure to pick up the next thing. Men are looking for partners, not free-loaders.
  5. Have high expectations. The higher the expectations the furthur you have to fall. I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t have any expectations for a potential partner, but that’s something to consider a bit furthur done the road, certainly not something for a first date. Again, the date is simply a chance to find out if you’d like to spend more time with them in the future.

If you seem to be having lots of first dates, but not many second dates, perhaps some private flirt dating coaching with me is in order. Either in person, in our central London location, or by Skype, I can pinpoint exactly where you’re going wrong. Together, we can make a plan of action to get things going smoothly.