How was your Valentine’s Day? Were you feeling wistful that you didn’t have a ‘special someone’? Feeling sad that the rest of the world seemed to have people who love them, whilst you were all alone? I hope this wasn’t the case and that you weren’t feeling like this. But, if you were, let me help.

People make the mistake in thinking that if they don’t have the specific relationship – two people, who are romantically in love – then they are ‘alone’. Unless you are living on a deserted island chances are that you have other types of loving relationships. This belief that it has to take shape in the form of one person, be it a man or woman, otherwise your life is incomplete, is wrong.

It’s like when my clients tell me that they have never been in a long term relationship. I ask them if they have had friendships that have lasted over time. They all say yes. Well, there you go. They have been in long term relationships. We need to stop thinking of ‘someone special’ so unilaterally. Just because on this day, you don’t have a person to fit in a specific box, does not mean you are alone, or that no one cares about you. Have a look at the other relationships in your life; your parents, siblings, children and friends. They are important relationships that also bring love. Besides, looking for one person to fulfill all your needs is always a bad idea. You need to diversify!

However, if you do want to find a partner, I have a solution for you: Stop Swiping, Start Talking and Find Love!

It involves brushing up on your attracting, approaching and alluring skills. Think about it: if you knew what signals you needed to send out in order to attract strangers; or, you had the skills to approach anyone you wanted, and always knew what to say, do you think you might have better luck when it comes to meeting someone?