Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day isn’t what it used to be…thankfully. Slowly, society is becoming more flexible (or, perhaps we demand it) towards people engaging in different types of relationships. The traditional structure: one heterosexual woman and one heterosexual man living together forever and ever, seems to be slowly opening up, to include more variations of different kinds of relationships. Ones that fit us, as individuals, better.

This means that less people are buying into the whole rigamarole surrounding Valentine’s day. Working with single people, I have witnessed the feelings of guilt or sadness around not being part of a couple that some people experience daily. It certainly hasn’t been helped by the activities around 14th Feb, which are mostly around market segmentation and financial gain for certain industries. I am not completely cynical towards V-day (which is a little too similar to D-day, in my opinion). If it’s even one day a year that people stop and celebrate their love for their partner, than it’s certainly better than nothing. If that day happens to be V-day, then it’s not all for naught. I would suggest that little acts of kindness and love done frequently is much more powerful than one extravagant evening of wining and dining.

Many clients have come to me over the years, worried about the fact that they have never been in a long-term relationship. ‘Have you had friendships lasting a decade or more?’ I ask them. Most commonly, the answer is yes. ‘Well, then you have had a long-term relationship’. As we shift away from placing such great importance on this one day, it means that we can begin to recognise all sorts of different relationships as being important: friends, community, family, even acquaintances. We cannot be happy and healthy individuals without a bit of each. Is a romantic relationship great? A good one is, of course! Is it the only relationship that will make us happy? Or, that we should be fostering? No way.

So, Happy Valentine’s day. Here’s to you, spending it on whatever relationship, means a lot to you. This could even include spending it on your own, treating the most important person in your life, well.

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