Flirting. At first reading it might seem something frivolous. However, I have learnt over my 20 years of research, coaching, leading flirting tours and giving talks on the subject, that it is so much more. The word flirting is one of those in the English language that carries a multitude of different meanings for different people. 
We might think flirting is about how others respond: if they convey like or rejection; but flirting is more often the gateway to learn about ourselves. It arises feelings of our self-worth,  attractiveness and sexuality. Am I good enough? It reveals the feeling of rejection. Is it soul-destroying? Is it par for the course? Does it matter?
This is the mystery of flirting; it might appear light and fluffy on the surface, but provokes so much more beneath. Let’s not underrate this seemingly insignificant behaviour. 
On Valentines’ day I had the privilege of working in collaboration with the Guardian, leading 18 singletons on a Fearless Flirting Tour. I was reminded of two things, which are the secret to unlocking your flirting freedom:

  1. Learn how to be comfortable in yourself
  2. Be happy to show people who you are

This issues are not easy to overcome master. If you need some help learning how to do this, I can help you in a couple ways:

  1. Private coaching with me
  2. Attend a fearless flirting tour

Let me help you learn how to be comfortable in yourself and then show people who you are. You won’t have trouble flirting anymore, trust me.