Well done, you have secured yourself a first date! I would hope that you already had some level of excitement about it. Hopefully you’re not going on ‘job interview’ type date styles. Just going on dates for the sake of it. There needs to be some criteria about it. You don’t want to just date lots and lots of people with the hopes that if throw enough stuff at a wall, something is bound to stick, right?

Follow these 5 rules to ensure you turn the first date, into a second.

  1. Be as comfortable as possible, this includes your outfit. It’s a good idea to be lookin’ good. A bit of effort is always nice. But, more importantly, you need to comfortable. This means not fiddling with straps, wearing shirts wear you can’t breathe, and shoes that are squeezing your toes. In order to be comfortable on the date, you need to, literally, be comfortable. Psst- but no onesies. Soz.
  2. Listen 60%, talk 40%. Listening is harder than talking. But, how will you learn about the other person, if you never stop opening your mouth. Or, what if you are someone who is most comfortable in ‘interviewer mode’, hiding behind your questions. The general rule is to listen a little bit more than you talk. It’s good to have an even balance between the two.
  3. Have fun! This is about spending time with someone new, not a trip to the dentist. The main point of the date is to enjoy yourself in the company of someone new. It’s to figure out if this is someone whom you might want to spend another two hour time period with in the future. That’s it.
  4. Act like yourself and you will attract someone who likes you. This is our Flirtology mantra. It helps you find the right matches. No algorithms required, you just have to be you.
  5. A shot of tequila never hurt anyone, but 10 has.

If you need some more dating advice or flirting tips, please have a look at one of our online courses. Our favourite course is ‘How to Attract, Approach and Flirt’.