Halloween is upon us. It’s sometime referred to as the ghouling season. If you are out in the flirt dating world, you can probably relate. You have probably experienced both ghosts and ghouls on your search. Today’s Flirtology dating advice is about how to avoid ghosts, those people with whom you go out with once and never hear from again. Would you like to stop the dating games and just meet someone nice?

The problem arises from your pool of dates. Where are you meeting these people?

If you are meeting people through online dating sites and dating apps, it doesn’t get any more random than this. Made worse by the fact that no one has been ‘V-4’d’ or vouched for. These people have been plucked out of cyberspace. They certainly don’t need to give you the benefit of the doubt and, except for the threat of bad karma, they owe you nothing. Unlike the case of Mary from work, who introduced you to her brother. Now, he would have had much motivation to treat you in a civilised manner (or suffer the wrath of Mary). Random people, whom you meet in cyber world, don’t carry this necessity.

Not to mention, they have invested nothing in you (nor you them!). If all it takes to meet is a click or a swipe, don’t you think that this might be the equivalent of how much they might value you and your time? Why put in any more effort when there are more people, to play more dating games with, who are only a click away.

Finding potential dates in the real world is where it’s at; 66% of people, already share one acquaintance in their future partner’s social circle. And, meeting through friends is still the number one way that people meet. Wanna’ scare away the ghosts from your life? Here’s some dating advice to help: stop trying to connect with people in a virtual reality. It’s all in the name.

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