Previously, I wrote about What not to do on a First Date. Today I will share with you 5 no-fail techniques to securing a second date.

  1.  This technique is ground breaking in its simplicity. You know that Flirtology is all about being straightforward and proactive. Using the proven theory that we like people who like us. Simply say, ‘We should do this again sometime.’ I know, it’s like mind-blowing.
  2.  Let the other person ‘invest’ in you by letting them do something for you: hold your bag, assist you with your coat, or even pay for the date. If the other person thinks you can do everything yourself, then why would you need them? People want to be nice to you…let them.
  3.  Another way to secure a second date is, throughout the first date, let it be known that you are having fun. You can show you are having fun by laughing, being engaged, or even saying, ‘I am having so much fun’. Yep, that’s right. Be straightforward, so there is no confusion.
  4. Find as many commonalities as possible. Show the other person that you are ‘like them’; you are compatible. There is no fairer mirror than seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes. I am sure it doesn’t need to be said, but this only works if the commonalities are genuine. Trying to show someone you are like them can be an exhausting act to keep up if it’s not real.
  5. Make sure s/he sees you as more than just a friend by using flirting techiques. If they doesn’t see you as someone whom they’d like to bed at some point, you will always be relegated to the friend category at best. Have you seen H.O.T. A.P.E. yet? (The 6 signs of attraction)

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