How to Avoid Rejection



What stops you from walking up to anyone you’d like and having a conversation with him/her? Most likely, it’s the fear of rejection. Or, as I like to call it –  a made up story, with a made-up outcome, that your mind creates. The result?  You never following through with your intentions.

How many opportunities have been lost because of the following pattern. A. You see someone you want to speak with B. Your mind creates reasons not to do it, including how this stranger will react and what they will think of you. C. You do nothing…again. *sigh*

Rejection isn’t your problem. It’s your current view of rejection that is the problem. Most likely, you view it as hurtful, scary, and unpleasant. What if I showed  you that there’s another way? A way that means you feel comfortable approaching anyone you want, or asking anyone out, without fear. This is possible. Would you like to know how?

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