Moving from friendly to flirting: 3 things you should know…

  1. ‘I am fine talking to people in everyday interactions, it’s the flirting that I have a problem with’. Sound familiar? Unless you are Joey from Friends, ‘How you doooin’?’, every flirting interaction first begins as a social interaction. It’s only once you have asked the person a question, and a mutual vibe is flowing, does the interaction move into flirting territory. But, in both cases, it starts with a simple question.
  2. There are three main ways to move a regular social interaction into a flirty one:
  • Give compliments/stroke egos (it has to be genuine, obvs) 
  • Be playful and keep the conversation light
  • Touch their arm, hand, put a gentle hand on their back

You will not do this with everyone, only if you are feeling a connection with this person. Otherwise, it will seem artificial. 

  1. If you are feeling something potentially spark-like, but are unsure if the other person feels the same, use the Test and Assess Method. First, test, by using any of the above flirting moves and then, assess, by watching their reaction. Do they pull away? Cross their arms across their body? Stop smiling? It means they don’t like it. You should go back to friendly. However, if they smile, move closer, or even lean in, it means they like it. You are free to flirt!

If you want to practice this in the real world, with me and a small group of like-minded others, why not come along to a fearless flirting tour? As I always say, ‘Get out of your head and onto the streets’. Stop letting your mind chatter control your actions and find out what really happens when you approach, talk to and even flirt with strangers…