We have connectivity; what we are looking for is connection. It’s been a decade since electronics have taken over our love-lifes’, which means that enough time has passed to be able to ask ourselves the question: are they really bringing us what we are looking for?

I am not naive. I recognise that in some cases, our devices can be helpful. For example, a gay friend pointed out that he likes using apps because it’s a good filter for those who are also gay, so he doesn’t face ‘double rejection’. And, this filtering mechanism might also help to bring like-minded people together, like if they are using the same online platform that is specifically created for their interest group. However, we have given these assisters the starring roles. We have handed our love-lifes’ over to our iPhones. Whilst Siri might be competent in ordering you food or a cab, she is not a skilled matchmaker; she can’t just order you up a life partner in quite the same way.

Many of you have figured this out, which is why the Fearless Flirting Tours have gathered up such momentum in the last few years. The trick to being comfortable speaking with others is not just waiting until you find someone whom you find attractive (I assume that would be the worst time to begin, due to the nerves and all…) It’s to start making small attempts in your daily lives. Talk to your barista, your newspaper seller, smile at the lovely person on the street. Because then, when it comes to trying it out on someone who gets your heart racing, you will have had the practice; no big deal.

If you’d like to practice this, out and about, in a fun, group environment, please join us for the next flirting tour. Or, we can always look into private flirt coaching too.

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