It’s always interesting to find out how people have learnt about the Fearless Flirting Tours. The answers are always one of the following: word of mouth, they saw me in the media, or Google. My how times have changed; when I created the tours, 12 years ago, no one would have thought of googling ‘flirting courses/lessons/tours’. In fact, no one would have thought of using the word ‘Google’ as a verb.

Last week, Anne* (not her real name) came on the Flirting tour. She told me that two friends had recommended that she attend. In fact, she tells me, those same two friends met on the tour. They are now happily in love. Why am I always the last to know about these things? People, I *live* for this stuff.

Besides a gentle scolding from Flirtology, urging you all to keep me in the loop on your love lives, today’s post is examining how these two went from spending a few hours together on an evening to happy couple. In other words, how to turn a one-off meeting into a romance.

There are a few components of why this worked, so let me break it down.

The first reason this worked was because of

  1. Commonality – Because they were open-minded people, curious about life and learning new things, and were open to meeting people, they signed up for the flirting tour. They already had a lot in common, or they wouldn’t have been on the tour in the first place.

The tour was their initial meeting. According to Anne (she really is a good source, isn’t she!) the two continued bumping into each other in various places. She reports that they even crossed paths on an escalator at a tube station. One was going down the escalator as the other one was going up. Does this only happen in rom coms? Apparently not. This brings us to the other important component surrounding why these two are now happily in love land.

2. Proximity – When you consistently run into people, you increase liking. In science, it’s called the ‘mere exposure effect’. By their last run-in, they decided it was time to meet on purpose. The rest is history. And, the added benefit of the proximity factor, is that the people whom you are running into in your daily lives, already share commonalities with you.

Special caveat alert* – In order for you to get the most out of using commonality and proximity to meet people, you need to first be aware of them. That’s right; put down the phone and look around! It’s all about practice and creating the right habits. If you feel that you are unlikely to get there on your own, don’t worry, Flirtology is here to help! Click here to read more about our Flirt Tours and book your place today.