How often have you seen someone, wanted to strike up a conversation with them, but didn’t know how? In a busy city like London, full of strangers, we run across loads of opportunities every day. How often do you seize these opportunities? And, more importantly, what are you missing out on by not seizing these opportunities? In today’s post, I break down for you how to talk to strangers. It can be done in 3 easy steps.

  1. You see a stranger. You want to speak to them. You start thinking about what to say. Then it all falls apart. Once your mind takes over, it ain’t happening. Your new motto is: Don’t think: Just GO!
  2. Be in their close proximity. In order to speak to someone, you must move near them. It’s best if it appears effortless and natural. Yelling at someone from across the room is anything but. In contrast, positioning yourself close enough to them, so when you say, ‘Do you know anything about this?’ feels totally normal.
  3. Use a prop to start an open and ‘natural’ conversation. Using a prop is a skill that I teach people which makes it easy to talk to strangers. We practice this a lot on my group flirting tours.

Bonus – Set yourself up for success by looking out for the following signs: open body language such as uncrossed arms, shoulder pointed outwards, and even better, have already made eye contact with you. These are the people who are likely to respond well. Would you like to learn more about this? Would little nudges and bite-sized nuggets be useful to you?   Join my e-course, ‘How to Talk to Strangers in 21 Days‘ to learn more.  This unique course helps you build confidence, approach strangers and meet more people.