Would you like to learn how to speak to people without fear?

Well, what currently stops you from speaking to people?

‘I don’t want to bother them’ is a reason I often hear. Well, let me ask you this. Assuming it was done in a nice way, would you mind if someone asked you a question? No, you wouldn’t; so why would they?

If you ask someone a question, you can tell by their immediate reaction if they are ‘game’ or not. If they are not, you simply make your graceful exit after that first moment. No harm done. If they are open, as most people are, then you might have a small chat. This chat might take you anywhere!

But, first, you must address your current mental model, that if you talk to people, you will be bothering them. Start speaking to people and you will find that it’s just not true.

If you’d like to practice this with Jean and a group of like-minded souls, then why not come on our monthly Fearless Flirting Tour of London?