Ladies, the year is 2017. We have (almost) achieved economic equality and, thus, you can ask a guy out on a date; just don’t expect him to pay. Traditionally, men did the choosing and asking, because they were also expected to do the paying. They earned more; it made sense. This isn’t applicable so much these days. This means you get to do some choosing of your own. Enough of that passively waiting in the corner rubbish. See someone whom you might like, and GO FOR IT! They will be delighted, trust me. And, if they’re not, if perhaps you’ve insulted their masculinity, then that ain’t no match for you, sista’! Go find a man who appreciates an equal.

Here are a few tips, to get you started on bagging yourself a date:

  1.  Link the date invitation to something you are discussing. If you are talking about music, you can say, ‘Hey, I’m going to see Lizard Tongues at this amazing venue in Camden. Why don’t you come with me?’
  2.  As you are concluding your conversation: ‘I’ve really enjoyed talking to you; it’s nice to meet someone who really understands (insert subject here). Would you like to continue this discussion over coffee sometime?’
  3.  If you are at your friend Robert’s party: ‘It was great meeting you. Robert and I are going to the new bar that has opened in Shoreditch next Thursday. Why don’t you join us?’
  4.  If you are talking about any mutual activity: ‘I am always looking for someone to play tennis with. When are you free?’
  5.  Give him your best smile and say, ‘This is the best conversation I’ve had in a long time. Would you like to continue it over coffee sometime?’

There you have it. How can this not work?!

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