We get so wrapped up in trying to find a perfect relationship, that we forget the work involved once we are in them.  This post is quite personal for me because I remind myself, daily, of the points below.  I also notice that when I start slipping; taking advantage of the relationship, or not being a good version of myself, the relationship suffers.  Just follow these five points and watch what happens.

  1. Remember they are just a human, like you. They are not perfect, which means you don’t have to be either. *relief*
  2. Don’t rely on your partner to be the source of everything. Yes, s/he is your most important relationship, but that doesn’t mean they have to be your everything. Still make time for family, friends, and yourself.
  3. Statistically, you can not always be right and the other person wrong. Try and imagine their side of the argument and see if they can, in any way, have a point. Showing the other person that you hear them, and can understand their point of view (even if you don’t agree) is the healthiest way to ‘win’ an argument.
  4. You can’t change a person. Acceptance is much less time and energy consuming. Try turning their ‘flaws’ into a joke. That way you can still get your point across, but in a way you both can laugh about.
  5. Show them your best self and be amazed at the response. When we were dating, we always had our best foot forward; but once in a relationship, it’s easy for the ego to rare its ugly head and only think about our own wants and needs. Try putting your partner first and reap the rewards.