Tips for Graceful Exits and Other Social Quandaries

I recently met with a client who wanted to ‘not feel nervous or awkward’ before going to dating events. I first pointed out to her that modern day offerings for singles leaves everyone feeling nervous and awkward. Let’s see, we will throw you into a room with other single people, all strangers, time your interactions… aaaannnnnnd GO! I assured her that she was not alone.  We also went through some tips for how to make the most out of any social event.

I will share the top 5 with you now:

1) Arrive early

This gives you a chance to get to know the other ‘early-comers’ in a relaxed, and less hectic atmosphere. As other people begin to arrive, you will have the added advantage of being able to meet more and more people.

2) Do not sit 

Your legs may be tired, you may be wearing killer heels (in many ways) but resist the urge to grab a chair. You limit your chances for encounters if you are sitting. Not to mention, graceful exits are harder to implement when you’re not on your feet.

3) Stand in the centre of the room

Similar to sitting, standing in corners is not conducive to meeting people. In the centre, you can have more contact with people.

4) Hang out by the food and drink

This is a natural space to begin conversations with people. It’s much easier to sidle up to someone at the buffet and say, ‘this potato salad looks just like the one my Aunt Ethel used to make,’ than it is to stride across the room and say it (which I am not recommending!)

5) Wear something comfortable

Don’t wear your new shoes, the uncomfortable undergarments or the tight necktie. In order to be comfortable in social settings you must, literally, be comfortable!

If you’d like some great tips such as these, check out are upcoming events! Hope to see you soon!