“It isn’t your sweet conversation,
That brings this sensation, oh no,
It’s just the nearness of you.”

Just as Norah Jones puts it, humans continually fixate on closeness. Needless to say, Proximity is one of the six universal signs of attraction.

It’s pretty simple, when we’re interested in someone, we don’t want to run in the opposite direction. To the contrary, we find a way to get closer. How else do we expect to ask for their number? (or get them to ask for yours!)

In my research of flirting behaviours, the respondents said they used proximity to gauge if someone was flirting with them in two ways:

1) The person whom they’d been exchanging looks with across the room, was now standing very near to them. (Making eyes from across the room can only get you so far).

2) And, once engaged in conversation, the other person was standing nearer to you than necessary. As one London female said, “they invade your personal space; you either mind or you don’t.”

Want to learn about the other signs? Just think HOT APE.

H – Humour
O – Open Body Language
T – Touch

A – Attention
P – Proximity
E – Eye Contact