Flirt Interpreter

flirt_interpreterDoes one chat up line fit all? Does ‘voulez-vous couchez avec moi’ work in more cities than Paris? Does it work in Paris? According to Jean’s research into the flirting behaviour of 250 people in 4 western cities, standard flirting behaviour does cross cultures. The six universal flirting signs, and how to use these to greatest effect, will be shared in this book. However, even more important, is how they are used in each of the cultures. Find the answers to burning questions such as:

  • Why do Parisian women ignore men to show their interest?
  • What are the unwritten rules of flirting in London?
  • How many dates should you wait before making it ‘official’ in New York?
  • Should a man in equal society Stockholm hold the door open for a woman, or will he get punched?

The Flirt Interpreter uses scientific research to unlock the secrets of flirting, and reveal what the object of your desire is really thinking!

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