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bglr0iieyi4-elizabeth-tsung(1)Speed dating. Internet dating. The latest app. You have tried them all and you are still single. Truth is, you are a smart person. But you have lost confidence in your ability to do this flirting thing and you are at a loss for what to do next.

Your friends (mostly married) are plentiful with their advice on how you can nab a partner, but they haven’t exactly been on the scene for a while so it feels a bit like they are living vicariously through you rather than giving constructive dating advice. And, if you look a bit closer, you see that the ‘advice’ is often linked with their own personal baggage. Right now, you probably feel a little stuck, a little despondent, and a little bit alone.


I know how confusing it can be to navigate the world of dating if you don’t have a map and compass, or a Flirt Coach, who happens to be a social anthropologist on hand. I applaud your continued effort (and effort probably feels like the operative word). But, you can relax now, and breathe a huge sigh of relief, because you have found what you are looking for – the way forward.

Through my flirting and dating coaching I have helped many people like you – those who are successful and attractive but confounded by love. As a social and cultural anthropologist I’ve spent years looking through layers of behaviour to see what is underneath; I can pinpoint what you are doing wrong in less time than it takes to quaff a glass of fizz.

My clients benefit from the practical tips and techniques I provide (stemming from my research into flirting) that help them to approach flirting and dating in new ways immediately.

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Here are a few things we look at:

  • Where you can find potential, like-minded partners
  • Your list of 5 ‘Deal-Breakers’ for a potential partner, to keep you focused
  • How to recognize when someone is flirting with you
  • How you can flirt back (and stop being relegated to the ‘friend zone’!)
  • How you can confidently start conversations with attractive strangers
  • How you can build an invisible shield against rejection
  • Specific and practical tools for getting your confidence up

After flirt coaching with me, you will walk away feeling that flirting is fun, your life is fulfilling and that you can have it all! But don’t take my word for it, see what past clients have to say. You can also have a look at my work as the flirting coach for The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, and Grazia

By using the Flirtology 6 Step System©, we will streamline your approach. No more messing around, more targeting your energy for the best results. At the end of the programmes:

  • You will be your best, most confident self
  • You will know more precisely the type of partner you are seeking
  • You will have a game plan for where s/he is hanging out
  • You will know how to approach him/her, what to say, and how to flirt (‘Friend Zone’, no more!)

I will be there to support you. I will be your gentle guide through this unpredictable, and often confusing world of flirting and dating. (Think personal trainer, rather than boot camp instructor). Someone who will fairly, but kindly set you on the right path.

My new Flirting  Programmes encompass all the tools flirtingTour6you need in order to find your ‘Mr. or Ms. Right’: coaching sessions to make sure you are the happiest that you can be in yourself and a detailed plan of action, practical sessions with me in both day and night environments where you could meet like-minded people, and an amazing group of wing-people, so you have partners in crime.

Sessions are held in Marylebone, London (or over Skype). They last 60 minutes, except for the wing person night out session, which lasts 90 min and is held at a bar in the City. Sessions can be scheduled between 11-7pm on various days and Saturdays. You can see exact timings and book directly once you have clicked on the scheduler below.

Package 1 consists of 9, 1hr. sessions. Package 2 consists of 6, 1hr. sessions.

Attracting Mr. or Ms. Right - Package 1Attracting Mr. or Ms. Right - Package 2

Why this is for you: This programme is designed for those who feel time pressured in their dating lives. You know that you have a few things to sort out before finding ‘Mr. or Ms. Right’ and, frankly, could do with a life overhaul. You understand that the next 3-4 months will be committed to helping you sort yourself out, whilst making an airtight plan for the future. You might be unsure not only how to achieve your objectives, but you also might need help in clarifying exactly what are those objectives.

Included in Package 1: 9 Sessions

7 Flirt Coaching Sessions
1 Private Wing-Woman/man Night Out
1 Practical Session on the Street


Jean's Unwavering Support!

The investment for this programme is £1,350. This can be paid in instalments.

Why this is for you: You have most things sorted, but you just need a little help. You are expending lots of energy on meeting new, like-minded people, but with unsatisfactory results. You know you are doing something ‘wrong’ but you are not quite sure what it is. You need a tactical change in your approach; you need to redefine your objective. You need your logical Flirtologist, with loads of experience and research, to help you utilise your time more effectively and set you on the right path.

Included in Package 2: 6 sessions

4 coaching Sessions
1 Private Wing-Woman/man Night Out
1 Practical Session on the Street


Jean's Unwavering Support!

The Investment for this programme is £900. This can be paid in 2 or 3 installments.

Spring 2017 update: Jean is currently accepting new clients. Please click below to schedule your first session.