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You have all been there – an alarmingly attractive individual walks toward you in the street, you can see them giving you a look and you think, ‘Well, hello there!’. You feel a momentary flutter in your stomach as you anticipate a conversation and them asking for your number. And then the cold wind that follows in their wake hits you as they just keep on walking…

And what about thaFlirting_tourst exchange at the bar that had so much potential, but came to nothing? You know that one too! He is at the bar, you’re at the table with your friends, and there is definitely flirty eye contact. You shift in his direction, send him a few smiles and then pull out the best move from your flirting arsenal: the hair twirl! But he walks out the door without so much as a backward glance. And, men, this must sound familiar to you as well.

You are attractive, you are smart and you are confident (well, it appears that way, but truth told you’re a little shy underneath), so what gives? Were you reading the signals wrong? If not, what happened? Should you have gone up to him/her? But what on earth would you have said? Confusion reigns.

If you never want to wonder again whether you’ve misread signals, feel you’ve missed an opportunity to meet a potential date, or felt stuck on how to approach someone, let alone flirt with them, then get ready because I am the woman who’s going to liven up your love life.

Join me on a night out with my Fearless Flirting Tours of London. I will teach you how to flirt, and to approach anyone you want without fear, by arming you with top tips and techniques and a whole new way to view this flirting business.


On a two-hour group tour of London’s little-known flirting grounds – galleries, bookshops and supermarkets – you’ll soak up my flirting tips and then road-test them on passers-by under my watchful eye. I’ll teach you three methods of approach that work every time – so be prepared to take home some phone numbers. I’ll explain why flirting doesn’t need to be stressful and you will see for yourself that the more you relax, the more enjoyable it will be – flirting is fun, seriously! By the end of the niflirtingTour16-2ght you will have a whole new skill-set. You’ll be able to:

  • clearly recognise flirting signals
  • know how to start a conversation with a stranger
  • learn how to view rejection as a super-efficient partner finding tool
  • Have fresh ideas on where to meet people

And on your way home, see if you can’t catch the eye of that attractive man on the opposite train platform – and watch the magic unfold. (This happened to a recent attendee and the object of her desire purposely missed his train to come to her side of the platform and ask for her number! Yes, dates ensued.)


*Because space is limited, if you can’t make your intended date, we will gladly place you on any upcoming tour with available space for £20. No refunds, please.
I attended your flirting tour around September (I was the girl who was terrible at the beginning and then got so much better!) and have been meaning to email to tell you how wonderful it was. It's no exaggeration to say it has changed my life. The course gave me so much confidence to talk to people, both male and female. The notions of a one minute conversation, making a graceful exit and not taking rejections personally have been monumental for me. I haven't even needed to use the conversational 'props' you provided but have just been able to go up to people and say 'hello, I'm Louise'. I've got four phone numbers of men since the course and chatted with many more lovely people, so I'm optimistic I will meet someone special soon. (One of the guys who gave me his number even said how sexy it was that I'd been confident enough to approach him and say hello.) I find it hard to believe that this is the same me that used to go to social events, stand in the corner and be too shy to approach anyone, and then leave feeling hopeless. Thank you, it's been life-changing.
Louise M, 37
Fun, Interesting and very enjoyable way to spend a Friday night. I would highly recommend attendance. I was looking forward to it and was not disappointed.
Katie, 45
The Fearless Flirting Tours was a superb experience that I recommend to everyone. The folks who came were great and Jean is brilliant. Can I go again…?
Ahilya, 31
Great if you’re a bit shy and want an intro to flirting or chatting with people. I met some lovely people on the Fearless Flirting tours and everyone was very friendly and encouraging.
Martin, 40
It's a great opportunity to see where you have been going wrong. Jean is practical, down to earth and very fun loving. This has been a game-changer for me.
Carlo, 43
You get a chance to meet up with a group of like minded people and push yourself out of your comfort zone while in a safe setting. It’s all very good to receive the kind of coaching that Jean provides because sometimes you just cannot see what you’re doing wrong. This is group is not a typical meet up group where you join a group to meet people. You not only meet new people but she teaches you how you can meet people anywhere even when you’re alone doing your day to day thing. Highly recommended!
Diane, 33
Good way to change your thinking if you are stuck in a rut as I was. All feedback helpful. This is so much easier than I was making it.
Joshua, 35
It made me realise that I have most of the basic skills already – i just never realised that these were part of the flirting spectrum. Realising you’re better than you thought is always a pleasant surprise and makes you more confident in the generally slightly more scary (but also much more exciting) area of applying the skills to talk to a guy I’m actually interested in! And I think I also made few friends or at least met partners in future crime; we’ll paint the town red in the next few weeks!
Flavia, 44
In theory, a lot of what you said I had heard before. However, the crucial difference was that the flirting tours gave us an opportunity to put these strategies into practice in a supportive environment. That has really been a game changer.
Nic B, 41
It revealed things that I kind of knew but was ignoring, I learnt new things and met really nice people!
Sarah, 50
The Fearless Flirting tour is the ultimate icebreaker. Last night I learned how to start a conversation with a stranger and how to get out of a bad conversation gracefully – surely two of the most useful skills ever! And what fun – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of 12 people bond so quickly, chat so frankly or root for one another so warmly in such a short space of time. Highly recommended and highly successful – one girl got a very cute musician’s phone number and another found a new friend to go off clubbing with!
Angela, 44

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