The dating world can be a minefield. People often play dating games because they don’t want to feel  vulnerable and might also be feeling insecure. By playing a game, they don’t feel like they have to show their true selves, which makes them feel like they are protected. We also play these games too. Often, we don’t even realise that we are doing this. But, enough with the games. Let’s just keep it real. We don’t want to attract everyone, we are way too busy for that. We just want to attract those who like us. How do we do that? By acting like ourselves. It’s the perfect mechanism: we act like ourselves, we attract those who like us. Meaning, we attract the right people.

With this in mind, please read our 5 dating tips on how to stay away from dating games.

  1. Start imagining what your kids would look like, or any other thoughts of future life. When we start liking someone, we often go from ‘It was nice meeting you, let’s do this again some time’, to ‘I wonder if s/he’d like to live in the city or the country’ in 5 minutes flat. Just stay in the here and now of this moment, with this person.
  2. Not act like yourself, but how you think they would like you to act. As we said above, when we act like yourself, you attract the right people for you. When you try and act like someone else, you will attract the wrong people.
  3. Stop seeing your friends, or doing your other activities. This person that you are seeing  likes you because you are  busy, interesting, and have a life. Don’t stop this part of you.
  4. Give up too much. They have a great saying in Britain, ‘Start as you mean to go on’. I just love it! If you give everything up at the beginning, is this how it will always be? What if you have nothing else to give, then what happens? The early stages are precedent setting time, folks.
  5. The most important one, and the Flirtology mantra, Act Like Yourself, and you will    Attract People who Like you! It bears repeating, because when you truly embrace this, then there is no need for dating games. If you are a straightforward person, and act as such, you will attract other straightforward people, etc.

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