You’ve had a bad date. You might be feeling a bit low about it. Ok. But here’s the good news. Think of how much time you saved yourself. One way to look at it, is that if it was a bad date, then that probably wasn’t a good match for you. Here are 5 more dating tips for how to recover from a bad date. Follow these tips and you will be able to dive back into the dating pool with ease.

  1. Be logical; you will not match with everyone, and this was one of those people.
  2. It’s a numbers game; the more people you meet with whom you have commonality and proximity, the higher your chances of success.
  3.  Look at what went wrong, and if there is anything that you would do differently next time. People often blame themselves for why things went wrong. However, it’s usually just the case of two people not being compatible. But, maybe, just maybe, there was something that you could have done differently. It’s good to have a quick think.
  4. Don’t let others define your self worth. One of the reasons that rejection hurts so much is because we give the job of validating our self worth over to other people. Instead of filling our own tanks, we rely on others’ to do this for us. Why are we surprised when this doesn’t work out so well? Esecially, when we are dealing with people whom we barely know!
  5. Don’t latch on to your mind chatter. Have you noticed that it never produces a happily ever after story? It’s always negative and doom and gloom. Remember, it’s not correct, it’s just noisy!