What often stops people from flirting is the fear of being ‘creepy’. Most people are worried about taking things too far, or making unwanted advances. In today’s post, I will explain to you where the line is. That way  you won’t have to worry about being creepy.

Let’s start with an example of what not to do. Last week, Melbourne cricketer Chris Gayle, was fined £5,000 for making inappropriate comments to a female reporter trying to interview him. He said to her, “To see your eyes for the first time is nice. Hopefully, we can have a drink afterwards. Don’t blush, baby,” Many are outraged that he had to pay a fine. They feel that Gayle was just being a bit cheeky, and don’t understand the big deal. Forget the fact that if you are in a professional context, and have made someone blush about something other than the cricket scores, you are probably acting inappropriately.

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